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Why we love and need phone cases

By tiffany williams 29 de febrero, 2020 0 comentarios

We love smartphones but we also do some dumb things with them. According to a survey held by T-Mobile, almost half of all phone owners lost, stolen or damaged their phones. For owners who damaged their smartphones, 37% scratched the screen, 29% spilled a drink on it, 29% dropped it down the stairs and 20% dropped it in the toilet.

Guarding a phone with a case is a no-brainer for various smartphone owners. Other smartphone owners do not think case protection is all it's cracked up to be. For smartphones, if you will want to carry a case then it can protect your phone from damage. Cases also add some bulk to the phone and can hide cool aspects and beautiful design of the phone. If you are not very careful, a case will also damage your phone. Dirt etc. can get caught between the case and the phone and will scratch the smartphone's finish. The phone cases that provide better protection can be costly, particularly since you typically have to get a new one every time you will get a new phone. Phone cases can also interfere with docking. It is a pain when you will take your phone out of its case each time you need to hook it up to your car or home stereo.


On the other hand, there’re many great reasons to use a smartphone case. If you are best about keeping it clean so grime or dirt do not build up between the phone and the case, a smartphone case will typically do a perfect job of protecting the phone from scratches. A smartphone case can also offer few protections if you drop your phone (though you should not use a case as an excuse to launch your phone off your roof). Though a smartphone case cannot make your phone seem cool, it can assist keep all parts of it working. Dropping a phone cannot result in much visible damage, but without a case, it is simple for the camera lens of the smartphone to get broken. Plus, with few smartphones having sleek-but-slick-finishes, a grippy case can assist keep you from dropping the phone in the 1st place. There’re some waterproof cases on the market for smartphones, but even most basic cases should purchase you some additional seconds to grab your phone out of the path of an expanding puddle of spilled beer (your friends are like lightweights).


So, do smartphone covers protect phones from damage? To a degree, they do, but you yet require to be smart about how you take care of your phone. Only crazy people do not put cases on smartphones. For instance, people who contribute in extreme phone pinching (a real thing we didn’t make up), or people who take death-defying (and infrequently death-inducing) extreme selfies, or people with Kardashian levels of money. The rest of us risk-averse poor people know that a new case price $35, while a new smartphone prices $650, not to mention the chance and mental health price of being without a smartphone for a whole day or 2. Placing a case on your smartphone just makes sense. Here is why you should entirely ignore my advice from the previous week and carry your phone around in a theft-, drop-, dust-, water-, and stupidity-proof vault.


Why phone cases are important?

You never know when you’ll drop your costly smartphone. To overcome negative consequences during such instances, you require to get a case for your phone. To get the best out of this, you require to do understand and research are phone cases important and which phone cases provide great protection. The phone cases can contribute greatly towards the visual appeal of your phone. If you need to make your phone look attractive, all you have to do is to buy a phone case. You can purchase several different kinds of phone cases from the market. They come with all kinds of colors and designs as well. Therefore, you’ll discover it as a simple task to get your hands on a phone case, which relates to your preferences. Now you have a basic understanding of the question are cell phone cases important? In addition to that, you’re also aware of some advantages of phone cases.



Are Phone Cases Necessary?

Phone cases are not significant. However, people who buy them can end up with the best experiences. That is why it’s encouraged for individuals to think about going forward with phone cases. If you do not purchase a cell phone case, you’ll be utilizing a similar mobile phone model, which several of your family, friends, and colleagues’ members have. But if you can buy a phone case, you can make it look appealing. In other words, you can have a perfect and one of a typical phone case, which you’ll love. This can assist you to differentiate your phone from the other phones of a similar model, which your colleagues and friends use. In addition to that, a phone case can offer you with an array of other advantages as well. We will discuss those advantages in detail below.



It is TOO light and TOO thin 

Phones these days are so light or so thin that they are not very durable. Surely nothing such as the indestructible Nokia 3310, anyway. A case adds much required additional bulk so your phone does not bend or break.


You did not buy phone insurance

An extra $10 per month, plus a $50 deductible, for peace of mind in case you lose or drop your phone? You are no sucker. Instead of purchasing phone insurance, you prefer to take care of your belongings. Well, part of taking care of your belongings involves putting a case on your phone. The case is your phone insurance.


Scratches suck

Phones are not ultra-fragile pieces of glass, most of them are made out of tough-ish plastic or metal, and the glass they do use is special ultra-tough Gorilla Glass and the like. But even if you never drop your phone or step on it, it possibly spends many times in your purse or pocket where it will get scratched to hell, unless you have a case on it.


Cases protect all of your phone

Cases are not best at protecting the big, most fragile part of your phone, The screen. Drop your cased phone and the screen can yet be in worry. But cases do protect the rest of your phone, such as the delicate electronic parts inside. After all, your phone is a piece of technology.


It is expensive

Sure, high-quality cases can be beautiful costly. But $50 is much less than $650, which is the price of a new phone.


You need the friction

The issue with sleek, sexy smartphones? They are great slippery. A grippy, rubberized case could mean the difference between you holding onto or dropping your costly device.


It is an older model

You can think it makes no sense to put a protective case on your older phone since it is not such as you care if it breaks. But a case does more than just protect. It hides the fact that you are yet rocking the original Nexus One.


You take your phone everywhere

Everywhere. Even areas you possibly should not, such as the bathroom or on a date. Even if you are not a naturally clumsy person, it is very unlikely that a gadget that spends 24 hours a day with you is never going to be accidentally knocked off a table.


Some cases are more than just protective covers

Cases do more than just protect! There’re plenty of multifunctional cases out there that act as teasers, bottle openers, wallets, and battery packs.


Daily protection

One of the clearest reasons why a phone case is significant is to protect the exterior of the device. Smartphones today are not cheap and it’s even more expensive to send the phone in to repair. A phone case can assist save you time and money while keeping your phone looking fresh out of the box. A newer trend is to make personalized phone cases, meaning that a perfect picture can be printed directly on the case.


A unique and custom phone case is the way to go

Giving your phone case a special and personal look is another best reason to utilize a phone case. Almost all smartphones look identical, with a slick metal body and maintaining a frame as thin as possible. Therefore, it is much more uplifting to make a personalized phone case with a perfect look that reflects you as a person. It is the best feeling to be able to stand out of the crowd, so why not take benefits of the ability to simply make personalized phone cases?


A portable mini theater

Few phone cases have a foldable front flap, meaning that you can prop up your phone, enjoy and sit back watching a video without having to hold your device the complete time. While this’s not necessary, it assists prevent sore arms if you are an avid video watcher and can act as a portable mini theater while on the go. This kind of phone case is not only for smartphones but also for tablets, like the iPad. Smart cases are a perfect way of protecting your screen of iPad and act as a reliable stand.


Phone case provide grip

All modern smartphones have a sleek design comprised of glass or metal. This’s aesthetically pleasing, but as a result, your device can slip out of your hands much easier. A phone case is also beneficial to make sure that your smartphone doesn’t fall from your grip. Most phone covers are made of artificial leather or plastic, which ends up offering more grip while maintaining a comfortable feel in your hands. You can also keep your smartphone visually perfect and pleasing by making a personalized phone case with your picture.


How to Purchase the Best Protective Phone Cover?

Now you have a basic understanding of all the prominent advantages that a cell phone case can provide to you. With that in mind, you can begin shopping for a phone cover. Shopping for phone cases can be quite overwhelming. That is because you can discover several different kinds of phone cases in the market. At the time of buying a phone case, you require to take a look at your phone model. Then you can get a great fitting phone case. Then you require to take a look at your exact preferences as well. For instance, if you need to get a great grip out of your phone case, you can buy a one that has a silicone construction or thermoplastic polyurethane. Similarly, people who need to utilize their phone cases as wallets can think about purchasing a leather phone case. Go ahead and begin shopping for your cell phone case today. You’ll then be able to experience all the advantages that we discussed above. After you make the buy, you’ll never feel such as the amount you’ve spent is in vain. You’ll fall in love with the phone case that you purchase.



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